Terms & Conditions



  1. Quotations and tenders unless subject to an agreed period or previously withdrawn are valid for one month from date of issue. All products remain the property of Gilbert Birdsall Ltd. until payment has been received in full.
  2. Every endeavour will be made for prompt delivery of orders but no responsibility will be accepted for delays arising out of matters beyond our control, such as shortage of labour or materials, accidents, strikes or incorrect or lack of instructions on the part of the customer.
  3. Prices are nett. The terms of business are cash on delivery except where other arrangements have been agreed. For credit customers prices are still nett, accounts are due for settlement before the end of the calendar month following delivery of the whole or any part of an order.
  4. All quoted prices are based on costs prevailing at the time of quotation but we preserve the right to adjust the price of the quotation to meet any increase in the cost of materials, transport or any other service involved in the quotation between the issue date and completion of the work.
  5. All prices are subject to the right of recovery of Value Added Tax at the going rate.
  6. Full delivery instructions shall he given by me customers to enable punctual delivery at the correct time at the correct address. No liability will he accepted by us to the customer or any other person for any failure to deliver any order at the correct time and place if the failure is as a result of incorrect or lack of instructions on the part of the customer or his agent.
  7. In no case shall liability be accepted by us for injury, loss or damage by the customer or any other person whether or not employed by the customer, exceed the liability to supply such materials as are in accordance with the customer’s contract with the company. Furthermore we shall not be liable in respect of any consequential or other damages, losses, claims, injuries or expenses whatsoever no matter how they may arise and in particular we shall not be liable for any structural or other failure in or loss or damage to any building, bridge, road or other such structure or part thereof in which materials supplied by us are incorporated, whether such failure is due to faulty or inappropriate materials, workmanship or design nor for any consequential loss, costs and expenses arising out of such matters. The customer will indemnify us against all claims whether for direct, indirect or consequential loss and all costs and expenses brought against us as a result of the failure of the customer to specify appropriate materials or appropriate quantities or proportions or for any alleged negligent workmanship or design by him or other person contracted to him in relation to a project where materials have been supplied by us.
  8. Ready-mixed concrete is supplied as ordered or as quoted by us and is subject to the addition of water on arrival at site. We shall he under no liability to the customer or any other person if water in excess of the quantity stated, or any other material added to the mix or if the concrete is laid otherwise than in accordance with established codes of practice. The responsibility for applying any test in accordance with British Standards rests with the customer and we should be notified of the result as soon as it is known. (The addition of water may render this product non-conforming).